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We Cut Fabric, So You Can Get Right To Work

TLCI Manufacturing in Dallas, Texas, provides fabric cutting for the textile industry. Have us cut pattern pieces for a variety of garments in sizes from adult to toddler clothing. Our equipment is able to cut on a range of casual and formal fabrics too. We want to improve your production rates and cut your costs.

Industrial Clothing Piece Cutting

Clothing companies and boutiques can save money and time by having us provide for their fabric cutting needs. Our equipment is capable of cutting a wide range of garments such as, bridal dresses and gowns, and casual clothing. Have us cut your seasonal line of women's blouses, dresses, and pants. Designer clothing companies can order pieces cut for high quality basic shirts. We'll also cut pieces for infant and toddler garments. Save extra time by having us sew the pieces into a full garment.

Fabric Materials

We specialize in cutting all types of fabrics for casual or formal clothing. Your silk, lace, rayon, and any type of specialty material is treated with care and cut perfectly to specs.

Bridal Gown

Large and Small Jobs

We specialize in big production jobs. Our facility is able to produce thousands of pieces. We have the tools on hand to cut any size job. However, you can also place small orders with our company too.

Excellent Service and Competitive Rates

Punctual service and quality results are why most clients choose our company. Shop around before contacting us. We'll beat any price quote to win your project. It is our goal to go above and beyond in saving you money and providing you with satisfactory work. Let us take the worry and hassle out of finding a company to cut your large production project under budget.

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